About Us

Jesuit Communications (Jesuit Media) was established in 2005 as a media organisation serving the Catholic Church, as well as providing communications support for the Jesuit Province Office.

Jesuits in Australia have been publishing materials for the Catholic community for more than 100 years. Madonna magazine first began publishing in November 1897 and continues to be published today. Eureka Street was first printed in 1991, and became an online journal in 2006. Australia’s largest Catholic publication, Australian Catholics, was established in 1993.

Our mission

As a media ministry of the Australian Jesuit Province, we are here to speak to all people in today’s world, presenting ideas and values grounded in Catholic thinking, and encouraging people to discern where they are, and what other ways of living might be possible. 

In what is often a polarised and antagonistic media landscape, our platforms embody an approach to public conversation that is mindful of the dignity of each person in our society. This includes a priority for advocating on behalf of, and standing in solidarity with, the poor. 

While our ministry is at the service of the Catholic Church, we seek to bring together all people of conscience. Ignatian Spirituality underpins our work, and we seek to find God in all people, places and things. We believe God is at work in each person, awakening in them the desire for reconciliation — with God, with each other and with creation. 

In creating spaces for conversation and discernment, we hope to inspire people to follow where God is calling them so we can act together to build a more just world.